My Fight Song

This blog is about finding the courage to follow your dreams.  May my words inspire and remind you that your story isn’t over. 

Exactly one year ago on November 12, 2015, I turned the page on a 15-year career in technology sales. For years, I planned to take a pre-retirement sabbatical. I read heartbreaking stories about hard working people who took all the right steps to prepare for retirement only to find themselves in failing health when they got there and unable to enjoy their finest years. Somehow, this would not be me.  

I realize the concept of "taking a sabbatical” seems insane for most professions. Trust me, some of my best friends looked at me like I was stoned and didn’t believe I would ever make the leap. I knew I had to start doing the hard work to prepare myself.

I paid off loans and committed to a no new debt policy. I saved every bonus. As I prepared myself I quickly realized that if I waited for the right time to walk away, it would never happen. So I prayed, not for a specific outcome, but for clarity. Clarity to make the tough decisions at the right times. I will blog more about this later as I believe it is a game changer. At least for me, the stars started to align when I let go of the results I thought were best and focused on clarity.

After months of soul searching and support from family and friends, I made the leap. It was the most painful experience of my life and toughest conversation I ever had. As I sit here today with butterflies in my stomach anticipating the beginning of my new chapter, I realize that what was a painful goodbye one year ago was really the beginning of something much bigger for me.

This is a photo I took of a beautiful flamenco dancer in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.  

This is a photo I took of a beautiful flamenco dancer in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.  

I’ve traveled extensively, reconnected with my family, and enjoyed the opportunity to come back to my roots for a much-needed reset. I've journaled throughout this transition and collected hundreds of quotes (like the one above) that have inspired me at different points along my path.  Oh, and did I mention starting a business? 

Check back for updates like:

  1. What the heck have I been up to for the past year? 
  2. Travel tips and photos.
  3. Lessons and inspiration for making major transitions.
  4. Launch of Snapdragon Fashion Coming Soon!

Thanks for coming along for the ride…I wish you peace in the coming days until we meet again.