Love Letter

LOVE LETTER. Clever name for a bag designed to fold over neatly, like an envelope. To carry your most important belongings. But it’s so much bigger than that.

The Love Letter collection is not only my passion project, but a design I’ve been working on for almost 10 years. It is symbolic of many things, not the least of which is me finally making the decision a year ago to write my own story.

I kicked off this project back in January and have gone through 4 revisions of the bag. There was no rushing or cutting corners; I carried it for 3 months, critiqued it, revised it with my production team, then carried it again for 3 months and repeated the process. A “start small” business plan has allowed me to tinker and refine, with an open canvas for my obsessive eye for detail. 

Some features that didn’t make the website:

1.       Purse feet: This bag is designed to be flexible and fluid, so this feature makes it secure on its feet, even when it’s just resting.

Purse feet to match the zipper tone and hardware

Purse feet to match the zipper tone and hardware


2.       Durability: Love Letter took its first vacation to Belize back in May. It was checked with my luggage because it was an extended trip and I needed more than a travel sized portion of lotion. I had several girlfriends over for the big unveiling as they had not seen anything but photos to this point. A whiff of coconut greeted me when I opened my precious prototype was drenched in lotion. True to form, we all sprung into emergency care mode, only to find that it wiped right off with no staining. The beauty of a high quality, vegan suede/leather is that you get a rich fabric without the fuss of having it marked by every little oopsie.

3.       Space: This isn’t your average crossbody. This project was born because I could never find this style bag in a size large enough to accommodate all of my junk. So, I made one. This purse will not only carry your wallet, but a bottle of champagne if you need it to. Bringing a whole new meaning to “brown bagging”.

4.       Fair Treatment: My commitment in this endeavor is to work with partners who not only pay their people fairly, but also create a work environment that is good for the community. Love Letter is not only a reflection of a true love for practical style, but also love for the folks who are bringing it to life. 

Now that the product is ready for prime time and the online store is live, we will begin to layer in social media outlets and expand our campaign…be on the lookout for updates soon.

This launch has been exhilarating and has given me a new-found respect for small business owners. Until next time…support your local businesses! And of course, hit the “shop now” link to check out my collection.