“Ain’t nothing so precious as a first-born child.” Now, I can’t speak to the joys of motherhood but I can share my experience with bringing handbags to life. While my first will always be my favorite, my newest design, Moondance, is pretty special.

Moondance was inspired by a beloved Hobo clutch which I owned for far too long. Every year when spring cleaning rolled around I’d give it a good look over, acknowledge its tattered condition and say to myself, “I just can’t let you go yet, you can’t be replaced. I need you for my girl’s weekends when we dance like no one’s watching. If that bag could talk it would have some adventures to share.

As I was starting my new adventure, I vowed to recreate my own version of this clutch. Truth is the bangle handle and the chain-to-zipper strap created a design more technical than I had the courage to take on as my first project. So, I sunk my energy into Love Letter and continued to carry my old banged up clutch with the “good side” facing out.

When the Love Letter sample was approved and sent to the production team in Bogota, I breathed a quick sigh of relief then eagerly shifted my design work to Moondance. Empowered by my experience completing countless revisions for Love Letter, I felt confident moving forward with this project. After a few productive design sessions, we locked down the specs and sent the patterns on their way for sample creation.

For those of you who held my hand through the launch of Love Letter, you remember the chaotic ride and I am forever indebted to you. Moving dates and challenges in customs kept me awake at night frustrated with delays beyond my control. Because it was my very first product, I went full throttle on previews and teaser communications, only to have to scale it back and push out my date. I’d like to believe this created suspense in addition to the multitude of valuable lessons learned.

Finally, six huge cartons of purses arrived. And when I say HUGE I’m not exaggerating – I personally loaded all 360 pounds of purses to package for Christmas sales. I knew the clutch sample was in one of the cartons, but I was laser focused on the Love Letter launch and put it in the back of my mind. I’ll never forget that morning when I got to the bottom of the very last box…and there she was.

Me rocking Moondance in my pjs the morning I found her, proving it is a good look for any occasion.

Me rocking Moondance in my pjs the morning I found her, proving it is a good look for any occasion.

The tears came. I was exhausted from the rush, but so proud of the final product. After a few minor tweaks Moondance was born. One of my primary goals for my handbags is to design them in a way that is complementary to your other accessories. Keeping that goal top of mind, I chose to use metallic finishes in silver, gold and rose gold for this collection.

This clutch lights up your wrist with a gorgeous bangle handle giving you a hands-free peace of mind when it’s on your arm. It’s perfect for getaways, girls night out or a romantic date with your boo.

I’m thrilled to add this bag to the Snapdragon collection. After all, it’s a marvelous night for a Moondance. Till we meet again, happy shopping!